Brando Brand Bio

I started my music collection with an old scratched up vinyl copy of “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” that I bought at a garage sale for 25 cents. My next album was AC/DC’s “Back in Black,” so right away my musical tastes were varied. My folks were from the south so the music played at home was bluegrass and country, radio shows like “The Grand Ole Opry” and “Prairie Home Companion” were always on. I was young and just starting my heavy metal phase and I swore that I would never like any of that music. Now I play guitar, dobro, banjo, lapsteel, mandolin, and piano. I listen to everything from bluegrass to classical to heavy rock, and try to play it all. I am kind of a gear head, and have some really kind equipment and instruments. They have helped me have lots of great experiences. I have gotten to play with some of my greatest musical heroes and have been involved in numerous gigs with top national and regional acts.

Playing in the Electric Magi took me many places that I would not have otherwise gone. We played on the music festival circuit with a virtual Who’s who of the jamband community. The Derek Trucks Band, ekoostik hookah, Leftover Salmon, and Garaj Mahal to name a few. At the Hash Bash in Ann Arbor, Mi 2002, I played as a member of The Flying Hookahvilleblillies, filling in for Steve Sweney. I played in the Everyone Orchestra in February 2003 at the Taft Theatre in Cincinatti, Oh among 20+ members of bands like Deep Banana Blackout, The Recipe, The Shantee, hookah, and more. I feel that my diverse musical interests allow me to have a unique voice on whatever instrument I use in whatever setting; and I look forward to continuing this musical exploration with anyone and everyone that I play with.